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Ever been turned down by a cell phone network provider because you’ve got bad credit? Not to worry, you’re in the right place. In this time and age, cell phones aren’t just a luxury to enjoy but a necessity we can’t live without. These handsets are now involved in every aspect of our lives: keeping track of appointments, staying in contact with friends and even monitoring our health. Through mobile phones, we now hold our lives in our hands. This is why Tudor Phones offers a number of options even when you are going through a rough patch, and your credit rating isn’t all that good.

Why is bad credit such a big deal?

Well, it’s simple. Phone companies don’t want to handle enormous risks. Mobile phone contracts usually offer various tariffs with a brand new phone to sweeten the deal. That’s why even high-end smartphones such as iPhones are usually subsidised. All this yet no immediate cost is incurred by the customer. However, the cost of both the tariff and the mobile phone is repaid gradually through monthly payments.

The company therefore remains at risk, essentially lending you a new phone and tariff with the hope that you will make regular payments for the duration of the contract. It is for this reason that credit checks are part and parcel of the application process for most mobile phone contracts, and those with bad credit remain disadvantaged.

You should therefore maintain a healthy scepticism whenever offered a ‘no credit check deal,' since they are probably untruthful and would perform a little background check. Furthermore, they may require excessively large monthly bills while offering phone models that are outdated or of really poor quality. So ensure you know where you lie in your credit score before applying for a mobile phone contract. You can view your credit report for free by visiting and they’ll give you access for 30 days.

What we do.

Tudor Phones has one major objective: to review your application and help you get a mobile phone contract that best suits you. A bad credit rating is no obstacle since we will find the most agreeable bad credit phone contract that is affordable and reasonable. We offer a wide variety of mobile phones and contracts from all the major UK mobile network service providers such as O2, Three Mobile, Vodafone and EE. We also provide the latest phones from the major manufacturers worldwide including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and LG among many others. Make a great choice by keeping yourself abreast of the latest developments on the mobile phone industry. You can do this by visiting

Collaborating with us to get a mobile phone contract will enable you to enjoy many benefits. You are able to acquire the latest mobile phones at a highly subsidized price while still giving you the choice of upgrading your model after a certain time. Oh, and you’ll do this free of charge. Moreover, you’ll spend less in the long run compared to a pay as you go scheme and easily keep track of your phone bills.

How to apply.

The application process is pretty simple. Simply fill the application form online while specifying the type of phone you desire and the tariff plan of your choice. We will review your application and find the best handset contract for you. The confirmation for your application will be received within 24 hours, so you don’t even have to wait too long to get the phone you want.